Quest Acquisitions:

Our roots in aircraft sales come from working as aircraft dealers who buy and sell aircraft for a profit. As the old saying goes “You make your money when you buy the airplane.” This remains true today as buying the right airplane at the right price make the ownership experience more cost effective and usually more enjoyable! Our “Quest” Acquisition clients gain great value from our years of tips and and techniques used to buy airplanes. Let us help you buy like an aircraft sales professional.

Our exclusive Quest Acquisition service includes the following:

Market Preview Q Rating Reports – A market preview that assesses the value of all the airplanes currently for sale.

Aircraft Preview – We will visually inspect aircraft and records at our expense once we have determined the “short list”. This helps reduce unneeded contract and prebuy costs.

Contract Negotiation – We can help reduce legal fees and mitigate potential contract problems. Our knowledge in knowing what is important and what isn’t saves our clients time and money.

Prebuy Oversight – We are onsite during all major prebuy events and will review all discrepancies, details etc. Additionally, we have contacts in almost all markets that can assist with test flights and maintenance management, if required.

Closing and Delivery – We will handle all closing documents and logistics with the escrow agent and oversee any delivery issues (fly wires, special registration etc).

We require a signed exclusive Quest Acquisition agreement to begin the services. Our fees are payable upon closing. The fee includes all of our costs including travel and marketing expenses.