Maintenance and Prebuys on Citations

Maintenance and Prebuys on Citations

August 04th, 2016
By Robin Eissler

The Benefits of Using the Citation Service Center Network

Whether you are buying an airplane or maintaining the one you own, where the owner chooses to have regular maintenance, repairs, and other necessary services performed may have a significant impact on its value when it comes time to sell the aircraft, or arrange a pre-purchase inspection.  While it may seem cost effective to use an independent shop with lower flat rates, the long-term cost may be much higher when selling the aircraft, as potential buyers often place greater value on services performed through factory authorized maintenance facilities.

“No one understands an aircraft like the people who made it,” explained Tony Balestracci, Vice President for Global Customer Service at Textron Aviation. “Factory direct support provides many advantages, [including] experienced, factory-trained technicians, 24/7 technical advice, and the largest parts inventory in the segment.”

Many third-party maintenance facilities perform excellent, high-quality services that keep Citations flying efficiently and safely. That said, Jet Quest believes one of the most important benefits of Citation ownership is the ability to also utilize the vast reach and resources of Textron Aviation’s worldwide Citation Service Center (CSC) network.

Chance Smith, a former customer service manager for the Textron Aviation service center in Mesa, AZ who now works as an independent aircraft maintenance consultant, said he continues to recommend CSCs to his customers whenever possible. CSCs have the expertise, the engineering support, and the access to resources that others facilities may not have.  “Perhaps most importantly, they also have the Cessna pedigree,” he continued.  “It’s difficult to assign a monetary value to that, but when I’m evaluating a Citation during a pre-buy inspection, I may be leery if I see a major repair that wasn’t performed at a CSC. “That might lead me to specify a more extensive inspection of that aircraft for the buyer, which could potentially scare them off.”

Balestracci also pointed to several ancillary benefits of utilizing a factory-authorized repair facility. “Because we have partnerships with the suppliers and OEMs, we also offer improved turnaround times, more favorable pricing, and access to rental units,” he added. “Along with maximizing accessibility and convenience for customers through our global network, we have implemented several enhancements to our service network and offerings to help them in their ownership experience.”

Acknowledging that third-party maintenance providers may offer an economic advantage over factory repair facilities for minor repairs, especially when located near the aircraft’s home field or location, Smith said it’s comforting for Citation owners to know that a large corporation is standing behind a CSC. “It’s much like having work done on your automobile,” he concluded. “In many circumstances, there are definite benefits in taking it to the dealer. If something happens six months down the road that can be tied back to the work performed by the CSC, they will work with the customer to make it right.”

At Jet Quest, we prefer to use the factory CSCs for pre purchase evaluations because they have a standardized process that helps make the grey areas between buyers and sellers, black and white. Textron has made great progress in the past few years standardizing the service across the US service center network and we have found all the regional centers to be responsive, fair and quick to resolve issues.  Managing the pre purchase process is one of the services included in our Exclusive Sale and Acquisition services.  Contact for more details.