Our focus under our Exclusive Listing program is to gain you the highest price for your aircraft and simplify the process for you. Planning the sale in the early stages can help us meet your expectations and also mitigate any potential issues with a buyer. Our pre-sale process that includes the Q Report, Price Assistance and Pre Sales Review is a big part of this service. Of course, our advertising and marketing program is the key element of the sale. Most importantly, we know how to get people excited about airplanes!

Market Preview Q Rating Reports/Price Assistance – A market preview that assesses the value of all the airplanes currently for sale. We provide insight into appropriate pricing given current market conditions and competitive aircraft.

Pre Sales Review – We will physically review the aircraft and records prior to placing on the market and inform client of any potential issues that may impact the sale.

Trade Placement – We are experts in simultaneous trade transactions and can help potential buyers find a home for their trade aircraft. This enables us to work with buyers who otherwise may not be prospects for your aircraft.

Contract Negotiation – We can help reduce legal fees and mitigate potential contract problems.

Closing and Delivery Assistance – We will handle all closing documents and logistics with the escrow agent and oversee any delivery issues.